Frequently Asked Questions


How often are the bulletins updated?

The Editor's Picks postings are updated daily with new jobs specially chosen by our abstractors.  In addition, each bulletin has multiple specially-designed job scrolls listing entry-level jobs in each of the most commonly searched genres within that bulletin.  These scrolls are updated as often as the page is refreshed. 

How do month-to-month subscriptions work?

You may subscribe to any job bulletin for a month at a time.  Subscriptions start on the day you order, and the subscription is processed through a Paypal account.  Your account will be automatically billed on the same date each month until you cancel.

What happened to Liberal Arts Career News, the newsletter?

The newsletter ceased publication as of the September 2014 issue after 20 years in circulation. Instead, please visit our blog, Liberal Arts News & Views, to find similar news, advice, and commentary on topics of concern to liberal arts graduates. It's free and open to a much larger readership, which we're hoping will spark continued conversation on the value of a liberal arts education.

How do I cancel my month-to-month subscription when I'm no longer job-hunting?

Your subscriber account may be maintained at any time by clicking on "Get account help or make changes" at the bottom of the Subscriber Login page.  To go to that page now, click here.

Can I get hardcopies sent to me in the mail?

I'm afraid not.  Hardcopies were discontinued in June 2004.  

May I put my school's ID and password on our website?

We understand that the whole point of getting a subscription for your school is to share the information with your students.  You may therefore distribute the ID and password information to your current students in any form that you like, as long as it is discreet and selective to only your current students.  If your website is already somehow password-protected or otherwise encrypted to allow only your students access to the ID and password information, that's fine.  We will happily provide links to the bulletins and logos for your website page upon request.

Are alumni included under my school's subscription?

No.  Your departmental subscription is intended for the use of current students while they are enrolled.  Please contact the publisher if you would like to discuss a discounted rate for your school's alumni.

I just placed an order.  How do I get my ID and password?

The initial order process does require one human step on our end, so it usually takes up to one business day to receive your ID and password via email. 

May I choose my own ID and password?

Sure.  We will automatically assign you a user ID and password, unless you let us know you'd like something in particular.  If you ever want to change along the way, just let us know.

Can I post my resume on your site?

No.  At this time we do not offer a resume-posting service, nor do we act as a middleman between you and your potential employer.  When you are interested in a position, apply directly to the employer listed in the job bulletin.

How do I get my job opening listed in a bulletin?

To specifically advertise a position in a particular job bulletin, please click here and fill out the job ad form.  To send us information about an opening to use at our discretion, please e-mail it to or fax it to 888-870-3069.

What do the abbreviations in the bulletins stand for?

Most of the abbreviations you'll see are pretty standard, and defined as follows:

Acctg - Accounting
App   - Application
Biz    - Business
Ddl    - Deadline
Eqt    - Equipment
Exp   - Experience
Govt  - Government
Hist   - History
HT    -  Half Time
Incl    - Including
Intl    - International
Ltr     - Cover Letter
Magz  - Magazine
Mgmt - Management
Mgt    - Management
Mktg  - Marketing
MS     - MicroSoft
Org(z) - Organizational (skills) /Organization(s)
PR      - Public Relations
Pref    - Preferred/Preferable
PPT     - PowerPoint
PT      - Part Time
Rec     - Recommendation (letters)
Refs    - References
Rel      - Related
Req    -  Requires
Resp   - Responsible
Sal     - Salary
Stmt   - Statement
TT      - Tenure Track
W/      - With
Yrs      - Years