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Big job websites pride themselves on having listings for everybody, which is fine if you want to spend all day searching for Liberal Arts jobs with little to show for it. As the ONLY Liberal-Arts-focused job board on the web, Current Jobs prides itself on one thing – offering quality, Liberal Arts jobs.

Thousands of Liberal Arts Jobs in One Place

Liberal Arts jobs are notoriously tough to find in any significant quantity. Our team of amazing editors scours the web to bring subscribers like you over 1,350 quality jobs every month. Each listing posted to our website is hand selected to match your degree in the Liberal Arts or Arts & Humanities.

Twenty-Three Years in Business and Counting…

Current Jobs for Graduates was founded in 1990 as a single, mailed, monthly job bulletin service. Since that time we’ve expanded and gone digital. We still provide the same acclaimed service, but now online, daily, and in 8 different categories. Over the past twenty-three years Current Jobs has worked with hundreds of thousands of students, graduates and alumni.

What Do You Get When You Subscribe to Current Jobs?

8 Distinctive Job Categories

Current Jobs offers 8 different categories to assist in your job search.


Recommended Job Titles
Sometimes it’s hard to know what your liberal arts degree really qualifies you to do in the real world. Current Jobs helps broaden your possibilities by introducing you to a wide range of job titles that fit the skill set obtained with a liberal arts degree—jobs you may not have even considered before. One of the ways we do this is our More Like This Title button. At the click of a mouse you can have other available jobs with similar titles, in front of you in seconds.

Hand Selected Job Listings
Because we use real people to find jobs, we are able to do things few other websites can. Our editors are out in the trenches every day tracking down jobs wherever they may be. Current Jobs editors also have unlimited access to private bookmarks of thousands of individual employer career pages. This means that no listing, big or small, can hide from our awesome team.

Job Match Guarantee
Big job websites cast a wide net, assuming that they’ll catch a bit of everything and that you’ll sift through all the listings to find what you want. Current Jobs reels in only the freshest job listings that specifically match the requirements of Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities degrees. This way you don’t have to do any searching or sifting. You get all the information you need all in one place for easy access.

Regularly Added Positions
Current Jobs updates its database daily, adding over 1,350 niche jobs per month! Think of our editors as your very own team of pros whose job it is to make sure you never run out of job listings.

Helpful, Live Support
Current Jobs isn’t some faceless website. We are real people here to assist you if you need help or if you have questions that need answering. You can contact us by email (preferred) or even by phone. During business days we typically reply within a matter of hours.

Email Updates (optional)
Are you too busy to make it to the website? No problem. With eUpdates from Current Jobs, each month we’ll send you an email digest full of still-available jobs listed in our member’s area – automagically.

Career Newsletter (optional)
We provide you with our “Liberal Arts Career Newsletter” every other month, designed to keep you up to date with Liberal Arts news.

Social Media Updates
Current Jobs makes it easy to get updates about recently posted jobs through your Twitter stream, Facebook timeline and even by RSS feed.

Aren’t All Job Search Websites The Same?

They post job listings, and so do we. The similarities end there. While other sites rely only on web scrapers to find their listings, Current Jobs employs editors, who are specifically trained to hunt down the types of jobs you want, in large quantities. Technology can be awesome, but trusting a piece of software to present you with your best options for employment – sounds a bit sketchy.

How to know if Current Jobs is Right for You

You’ll love Current Jobs if...

If you’re looking for specialized jobs like engineer, doctor, attorney, computer programmer, nurse, etc, this site is not for you. If you’re an executive and middle management type looking for a job, this site is not for you.

Where Do You Find Your Jobs?

While a few of the vacancies are paid advertisements from employers (and are always noted as such), the vast majority are listings we go out and find ourselves from thousands of websites and press releases. Our editors do the searching for you, gathering a variety of positions related to a particular genre, and putting them all in one place.

How Do You Choose the Jobs You Post?

Before we ever think about placing a job on our website, our editors make sure that each listing goes through a stringent filtering process. All jobs must meet our 5 guidelines.

  1. Jobs should require or prefer a college degree in a liberal arts or arts/humanities field
  2. Jobs require no more than 2 years of related experience, preferably obtainable through internships or a job worked during college
  3. Jobs require skills specific to each job category (Liberal Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, etc.)
  4. Jobs found need to be in a variety of titles
  5. Jobs are spread over a wide geographical area

The results of this are a larger percentage of smaller companies being represented, and the less chance that you'll find these jobs on big job websites.

What Kind of Positions Does Current Jobs Post?

Here is a small sampling of some of the titles and positions Current Jobs has posted…

Grants Writer/Contracts Associate
Project Coordinator
Associate Email Manager
Communications Associate
Community Organizer
Coordinator, Special Events
Graduate Archaeologist
Parkwide Coordinator
Art/Photo Assistant
Archival Consultant
Research Assistant
Teacher, Jr. High History
Education Programs Associate
Public Policy Associate
Marketing Associate
Development Associate
PR/New Media Assistant
Program Logistics Coordinator

What Will You See In Our Members Portal?

Job Filters

Current Jobs for Graduates lets you filter your job search by State, Degree, Company and Keywords. Our advance search puts the power in your hand.
More Like This Title

Once that button is pushed, our system instantly searches the web for other similar job openings with that particular title (or a version thereof—you set the search parameters).
Advanced Search

Was your initial search too broad? Narrow your hunt with Current Jobs Advanced Search feature. Find the exact company, position, title or job type you want every time.
Detailed Job Descriptions

Current Jobs makes it easy to sort through job listings with its detailed job descriptions on the search results page. Our detailed job descriptions make finding a job a snap.
Full URLs

Direct access to each job listing’s full URL means that you can apply to the original job posting and never have to worry about duplicate or outdated positions.

Current Jobs is Risk-Free to Try

All you have to do is...

Access to Current Jobs Starts at Just $5 a Month

Consider some stuff you might currently be spending $5 a month or more on.

A subscription to Current Jobs is designed to help you land the job that gets you the paycheck, which allows you to continue getting your caffeine fix and funding your downloads from Amazon. We’re here to make sure you never have to give up any of the things you love.

Start Today and Find Jobs You Can Apply to... Or Your Money Back

Why Do You Charge For Listings?

Put simply, the cost of your subscription compensates our hardworking editors for their time spent gathering jobs into one, easily searchable database so you don’t have to.

What If I Find A Job?

No worries, we've got you covered. Our flexible month-to-month plans allow you the ability to determine the length of your subscription. Simply call, email, or cancel online at your convenience. All Current Jobs plans are backed by our 100% No Risk Guarantee.

Students & Graduates from Thousands of Top Universities & Colleges Have Used Current Jobs. Here are a Few…

How Do I Know That Current Jobs Isn’t Some Scam?

Current Jobs is not some fly-by-night company. Since 1990, we have helped thousands of young men and women at over 2,000 top schools across the nation locate quality, entry-level jobs tailored to their degrees. In the 23 years we’ve been in business, we’ve connected people across the nation with positions best suited to their experience, skills, area of study and degree.

Still Not Sure if Current Jobs is Right for You?
See What Current Jobs Customers Are Saying…

"Thank you -- these publications are really good!"
"Thank you for your unique service. When students feel so overwhelmed with large, all-inclusive job sites, it is nice to see something customized to the liberal arts student.”
"We love these publications. We have been users for as long I can remember. You've always been great to work with!”
"We love using your Current Jobs as part of our career development program. The Current Jobs bulletins are a great resource for us, and our students are always surprised by the diversity of jobs in each issue. Thanks for the great information you provide."
"We have been using Current Jobs in Writing for years and it has been well received by our students and faculty."
"We have found Current Jobs to be very helpful and look forward to another productive year with this product."
"We do have quite a few students who use your bulletin and are really impressed with the opportunities you offer them!"
"I think the newsletter is a wonderful resource. We are always trying to help our students understand how the job market works for liberal arts graduates. Thank you again for all the good material."
"I've been a fan of your publications for years."
"I think your listings are great and I'd like to use them more."
"Where in the world do you find all of those jobs? We look forward to another year of great opportunities."
"I love your [Liberal Arts Career News] newsletter--it is the best! I am always referring to your articles when I counsel students."
"Thank you so much for offering such a great resource which we can share with our students."
"To my knowledge, Current Jobs for Graduates provides the only bulletins with job listings and information specifically targeting entry-level liberal arts students and graduates. I know of no other resource with this information in the world."
"The bulletin has been invaluable for us, and I rely on it to a great extent."

What Hours is Current Jobs Support Available?

If the hour is late, you’re in a rush or are on the go, the staff at Current Jobs is available by email 24-hours a day 7 days a week for you to ask any questions, report any website bugs or submit any technical issues. Our staff typically responds to email within 24 hours.

If you’re the kind of person who would rather speak with someone directly, Current Jobs also offers live phone support. Our live support hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm Eastern. If you’re calling after hours, no need to worry. Simply leave us a detailed message and we’ll typically get back to you the following day.

Start Today and Find Jobs You Can Apply to... Or Your Money Back