Current Jobs International lists entry-level or early career job vacancies in all liberal arts fields in international organizations, language schools, companies with significant overseas operations, and U.S. companies that require foreign languages.  Many positions require foreign language skills or the potential to learn a language.

Applicable Majors and related degrees or fields:

American Studies Bilingual Education Classical Languages
English/Writing Foreign Languages Foreign Studies
International Business Liberal Arts/Humanities Literature
Modern Languages Religious Studies TESOL/TEFL
Tourism/Travel Translation/Interpretation International Relations
Diplomacy Business Administration Finance/Accounting
Political Science
Anthropology Intercultural Comm. General Studies

Jobs Listed:

* The website is updated daily with new jobs specially chosen by editors, plus hundreds of entry level jobs in multiple liberal arts genres worldwide pulled up-to-the-minute from the internet.

* The jobs we list focus on entry-level or early career positions for candidates with Bachelors or advanced degrees and requiring either no experience or no more than 2-3 years experience, most of which could be obtained in college or an internship. 

* Vacancies listed are worldwide, including some within the U.S. that have a foreign language requirement.


Each job vacancy listed includes contact information or a link for the candidate to apply directly.  No middleman interference or fees apply.

Cost:  $49.95/year or $5/month

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