Current Jobs in Performing Arts lists entry-level or early career job vacancies in all fields of performing arts, with a focus on permanent or longer-term administrative and management positions.  

Applicable Majors and related degrees or fields:

Art Administration Dance Film
Music Theatre Radio & Television
Performing Arts Education
All Performance Degrees
Performing Arts History
Development Business/Management Marketing/Advertising
Public Relations
Communications Event Management
Production Management
Composition Conducting
Fine Arts
Technical Theatre
Music/Dance Therapy
Theatrical Design

Jobs Listed:

* The website is updated daily with new jobs specially chosen by editors, plus hundreds of entry level jobs in multiple performing arts genres pulled up-to-the-minute from the internet.

* The jobs we list focus on entry-level or early career positions for candidates with Bachelors or advanced degrees and requiring either no experience or no more than 2-3 years experience, most of which could be obtained in college or an internship. 

* Vacancies listed are mostly within the U.S., plus some listings for foreign jobs and flexible locations.


Each job vacancy listed includes contact information or a link for the candidate to apply directly.  No middleman interference or fees apply.

Cost:  $49.95/year or $5/month

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