We're very proud of the products we offer.  Here are some of the completely unsolicited comments we've received over the years:


"Your site was helpful and I'll keep track of it for the future."
Anonymous, 2016

"I really like your subscription.  My son got his first job through your subscription!"
New England College, 2015

"I'm glad to say I've found a job.  Your site was helpful and I'll keep track of it for the future."
M. Nelligan, 2015

"We love Current Jobs. Definitely worth the $."
  - Millikin University, 2014

"Thank you so much. I was very successful in finding a job in the communications field! I found the website to be easy to navigate. I have suggested it to several of my friends."
  - A. Turner, 2013

"Check out Current Jobs for Graduates online--which is one of the best lists of actual jobs available for liberal arts majors [...especially the jobs that you never even knew were real jobs]."
  - Penn State Dubois, 2013

"I will refer to others in the future as it is a great service."
  - N. Johnson, 2013

"Thank you so much for offering such a great resource which we can share with our students."
  - Susquehanna University, 2012

"We love using your Current Jobs as part of our career development program.  The Current Jobs bulletins are a great resource for us, and our students are always surprised by the diversity of jobs in each issue.  Thanks for the great information you provide."
  - Boston University, 2011

"We love these publications.  We have been users for as long I can remember.  You've always been great to work with!"
 - Kent State University, 2010

"Where in the world do you find all of those jobs?  We look forward to another year of great opportunities."
 - Reed College, 2010

"Thank you -- these publications are really good!"
 - Alfred University, 2010

"Thanks for your help in producing this way cool opportunity list.  My favorite!"
 - New England College, 2008

"I think the newsletter is a wonderful resource.  We are always trying to help our students understand how the job market works for liberal arts graduates.  Thank you again for all the good material."
 - Miami University, 2008

"Thank you for your unique service.  When students feel so overwhelmed with large, all-inclusive job sites, it is nice to see something customized to the liberal arts student."
 - Augustana State University, 2007

"To my knowledge, Current Jobs for Graduates provides the only bulletins with job listings and information specifically targeting entry-level liberal arts students and graduates.  I know of no other resource with this information in the world."
 - University of South Carolina, 2007

"We have found Current Jobs to be very helpful and look forward to another productive year with this product." 
 - Hollins University, 2007

"The bulletin has been invaluable for us, and I rely on it to a great extent." 
 - University of Albany, 2005

"I think your listings are great and I'd like to use them more."
 - New England College, 2005

"We have been using Current Jobs in Writing for years and it has been well received by our students and faculty."
 - Elizabethtown College, 2005

"We do have quite a few students who use your bulletin and are really impressed with the opportunities you offer them!"
 - John Carroll University, 2005

"I've been a fan of your publications for years."
 - Michigan State University, 2003

"I love your [Liberal Arts Career News] newsletter--it is the best!  I am always referring to your articles when I counsel students."
 - Pacific Lutheran University, 2000

"Through your International jobs bulletin, I found just the right job and am now working in Mannheim, Germany.
 - L. Leonard, 2000

"I just have to say that this publication is better than any other job search tool.  You all deserve awards!"
 - J. Karle - 1999

"Thanks to your bulletins, I secured a good job.
 - E. Herman, 1998

"You guys find truly good opportunities.  Your publications are 'secret treasures' that I will definitely make known."
 - D. Hampton, 1998

"I cannot express the extent of my gratitude for your publication.  You have helped me realize my lifelong dream of working in my field."
 - R. Fischer, Jr., 1995

"The service you offer us liberal arts type people is Great!"
 - D. Greider, 1992