Current Jobs for Graduates bulletins provide fresh, entry-level job vacancies in the often-overlooked fields of liberal arts and the arts & humanities.  Each bulletin contains hundreds of current vacancies, all with direct links to the original posting for further information and application instructions.

We realize there are many job listing websites available today, and many of them are free.  The value of Current Jobs lies in its commitment to meeting the needs of a very specific group: liberal arts entry-level job seekers.  Our editors hunt down new, hard-to-find positions that often elude more generalized job boards and resume posting sites.  They then take that information, cull it down to the most important facts, and put it all in one place for easy access.  Your job search becomes greatly enhanced by:

Allowing you to spend your time and energy on applying, not searching

Eliminating jobs that have no relevance to your field

Introducing you to positions and titles that you didn't even realize you were qualified for

Giving you instant access to an expanded search engine for new job categories or titles that you'd like to explore further

If you're looking for a job as a CEO of a large firm, we're not for you.  But if you're seeking an entry-level position requiring little to no experience, you'll find Current Jobs bulletins invaluable.  Whether you've just graduated, have a couple of years experience under your belt, or are a seasoned professional looking to switch careers, Current Jobs will help you find a position in your liberal arts field.